5 Simple Steps to Follow to write a Good Report
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5 Simple Steps to Follow to write a Good Report

FUNDA #1: Be on time.

The fresher the shop was in your head, the more you remember and that allows you to embellish your mystery shop report with great details. Editors do not want to chase a mystery shopper for their report when it’s close to the deadline or overdue. Get your report in on time and you and the editors will benefit.

FUNDA #2: Be thorough.

Narratives are the most important part of the entire shop report. Our clients have told us this time and time again. We value when narratives are robust and address every detail you can remember. We love conversations too. Did you recall something funny or informative that an employee said? This is the opportunity to let the client know how their employees are conveying information and in what tone and style they deliver it. Addressing all answers that were answered “no” in the above question section is always helpful. Doing so clarifies why the question was answered with a “no.”

FUNDA #3: Honesty & Preparedness.

An editor hates dishonesty (and so do clients). Never makeup any information or provide fake information if you forgot to look or didn’t remember. Always be prepared. Read the questionnaire beforehand and remember what you need to ask or who you need to interact with. This is a practice of an honest, professional mystery shopper.

FUNDA #4: No Spelling mistakes

We are no grammar experts but we do expect report with minimum spelling mistakes. No spelling mistakes, proper punctuation’s and proper sentence construction are expected from a good report. Always proofread your narratives and use Spell Check option in the report itself to cross check spelling mistakes if any before submission.

FUNDA #5: Consistency

Schedulers and editors alike rely on consistent, top performers. If your ratings are high, you are a trusted shopper. This will get your more shops, better paying shops and better perks. The key is to be consistent with all information you gather at a shop, so editors will not go crazy with edits or back and forth emails and phone calls.

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