Steps for Signing Up!
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Steps for Signing Up!

We are HS Brands Global into Mystery shopping industry. We have premium clients across different sectors for whom we conduct mystery audits. All you have to do is based on assigned task, visit a store, give your observation as per the guidelines and get paid from 250 – 3000 per task. For more details please follow the below mentioned steps and get yourself registered and get started.

Kindly follow below steps for Sign up:

STEP 1:  Please visit

STEP 2: A page will open as per the above screenshot.

Click on GO and a page will appear asking for your email ID (refer the screenshot below), provide the same. You will be informed in case you are already registered with us.

After you have entered your Email address in the box provided, click on GO

STEP 3: Please select your country in the next page, as shown in the screenshot below and Click on GO

STEP 4: Please go through the agreement and fill all the requisite details, as required step by step

Finally click on the boxes (highlighted in the screenshot below) and click on “Sign me up!

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