Step 1: Sign in to your HS Brands account by entering your credentials (Email ID & Password) at HS Brands Login Page. Forgot your password, Refer My Infobook (Account Recovery)

Once logged in, your dashboard will look like below.

Screen 3

Step 2: Now click on Job Board. (One appearing inside Red Circle in above image). Once you click Job Board, below screen will appear.  Now click on Classic Job Board. (One appearing inside Red Circle in below image).

Once you click Classic Job Board, below screen will appear.

Step 3: Now select STATE of your residence (One appearing inside Black Circle in above image) and click on search by state option (One indicated by Black arrow).

Once you hit search by state option, all the audits for each of the brands available in your state will appear in the form of list as shown in below image.

Step 4: Check for respective locality where in you would like to perform the audit and apply for the audit by clicking on more info tab (One appearing inside Red Circle in above image). Once clicked on More Info tab, below page will appear.

Step 5: Check out information (One indicated by Red arrow in above image) as explained below.

  • Location Information – Name of store, address and contact details
  • Shop Information – Audit related information like Due date, Audit Date, Timings for performing audit, Shopper Fee & Reimbursements
  • Shop Comments – Basic guidelines on how to perform the audit, what parameters to be observed, proof of visits and miscellaneous information regarding audit.

Once through with above information and comfortable with the audit, enter your email id and password and click “Apply for this shop” tab.

Your task is done. Coordinator will receive your application. Post scrutinizing all applications, Coordinator will assign you audit if you are found eligible.

Once task is assigned, you will receive confirmation email from HS Brands stating acceptance of audit. (If not assigned than rejection email will be sent).

Confirm the audit, Read guidelines & Questionnaire and perform the audit.

Don’t deviate from guidelines & questionnaire. Doing so leads to rejection of your report

Please note, guidelines and audit information will not be explained over phone. Guidelines are self-explanatory

Take assignment only if you are comfortable understanding guidelines and questionnaire yourself and performing the audit by due date.

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