Why is Competitor Benchmarking Necessary?

Market Intelligence

Why is Competitor Benchmarking Necessary & Mystery Shopping for Benchmarking We have already been familiarized with the concept of mystery shopping and its significance for Brands and Mystery Shoppers. If you haven’t read the previous article, please visit the following link(link to be inserted of the previous blog) to get acquainted with the upcoming topic. […]

Importance of Mystery Shopping for Retail Industry

Retail Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping and Retail Industry are very closely associated and go hand-in-hand. Retail Industry is a huge sector which comprises from an individual seller to small stores and also to huge businesses. They are the ones who reach their products or services directly to the customers globally. Hence, customer service plays an important role in the Retail Industry. […]

What is Mystery Shopping?

Customer Experience Management (CX) in India

Mystery Shopping is a form of Market or Field Research. It is a method of conducting Ethnographic Research. Mystery shopping is the process of measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience using qualified, recruited consumers to work as Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shopping recreates genuine, realistic shopping situations so the Mystery Shopper is perceived […]

10 Benefits of Mystery Shopping for Retailers

Mystery Shopping services are becoming phenomenally popular especially in the Indian Retail market. The Retail market consists of both Retailers who sell their own products and those who sell products of international brands. Each one caters to a different segment in the society hence the Retailers need to constantly assess their business and their products. Many […]

10 Tips to improve your Grocery store Customer Experience:

Mystery shopping

The highest populated/crowded place in any country can be found in the Grocery stores or the Convenience stores. In a country like India taking into consideration the huge population, these stores need to adapt to the best retail practices throughout the year. So, customer satisfaction and support to customers are kept as a high priority […]

Top 10 Tips to build an effective customer experience strategy

We have talked about Customer Experience Management in our Services page: Here, let us see how to build effective strategies for customers to have a meaningful and positive experience with companies and their products/services. A Customer Experience Strategy is a compilation of a set of plans, actions taken to execute the plans, and guidelines created to […]

How to Build a Scalable Competitive Intelligence Strategy.

marketing research

Competitive intelligence is one of the most essential and useful aspects which helps management to make scalable business plans. Companies need to know how their competitors perform in the market and what are their strategies. This allows the companies to see themselves with clearer insights, and understand what they are doing successfully and what keeps […]

5 Things to keep in mind while selecting a Mystery Shopping Agency for your business

Marketing Intelligence

We have stated sufficiently in the previous blogs the importance of implementing Mystery Shopping programs for businesses. Conducting Mystery Shopping programs is a necessity especially in the Retail industry. It is important to understand for every organization to see where they stand in the market, how satisfied are the customers with their products or services, […]

How To Improve ROI Of Your Mystery Shopping Program?

ROI (Return on Investment) is a numerical representation of a company’s customer experience management. It is an essential tool that top-level management in a company uses to implement its strategies.When a company uses the services of Mystery Shopping programs, it is not sufficient just to understand the company’s position in the market with customers or […]

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