Mystery Shopping in India

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is the process implemented for measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience using qualified, recruited consumers to work as mystery shoppers. This activity recreates genuine, realistic shopping situations in which the Mystery Shopper is received by the respective staff member as a genuine customer. Our shoppers evaluate the ‘to be tested’ staff members in a respectful manner, especially when describing a person’s appearance or customer approach. They provide accurate results with proper reasoning and phrasing.

Each Mystery Shopping Program identifies ‘what is working’ and ‘what is not working’ in your business stream. Each program focuses on different topics: up-selling, uncovering improvement areas, and benchmarking with competitors. We implement this program or process to various industries in the market like ready-to-wear, automobiles, fine-dining, luxury services, etc. There are various formats of providing this service.

A report is sent to you after each visit is performed, which can be read by different people including staff members at the tested location and managers in your organization. Our motive is not to insult or make your staff members feel under-appreciated, but to highlight the areas of improvement.

 Overall, this Mystery Shopping Program would help you to become a much better version of yourself with enough knowledge of the competition.