Rewards and incentives shops

Rewards and Incentives are very important gestures to recognize employees’ hard work, to retain them in the company and keep them motivated. This has a direct impact on the success of a company. A simple thank you, even asking the employee how they spent their weekend to indicate care and interest, don’t cost anything and go a long way in helping employees experience positive workplace morale.

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Reward and recognition

Reward and recognition activities that are transparent work to build trust with employees. For this to be implemented, a Program has to be formed which will recognize each and every employee’s contribution to the company. In the field of Mystery Shopping Company, rewards or gifts can be given to the employees when they achieve a certain target. Hence, target setting is also an important base for recognizing an employee’s achievements. For example, an employee completes successfully a specified set of visits; they can be provided some gift in the form of incentive or free coupons.


Incentives can help employers reinforce with employees the kinds of actions and contributions that will help the company succeed. When used effectively, incentives help build employee motivation and engagement. Employers need to use more incentives to help build employee morale and to ensure that employees feel appreciated for their contributions. In addition to company programs or incentive processes, managers have the opportunity every day to provide incentives for employees

Evaluating Employee Recognition

The managers can evaluate the right employees based on certain factors like the achievement of targets, working long hours, willingness to take up travel frequently, and also the program should support the non-performers too. This is very important because the non-performers might just need some more motivation and training so that they can also perform better. Overall, each of these rewards or incentives communicates the company’s true appreciation and recognition for the hard work of its team members.