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What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is the process of using unknown and random shoppers who will be gauging and recording the whole shopping process with an objective of improving the overall shopping experience and the brand deliverables. Although the industry is still nascent in India, there is a huge scope for brands to improve and standardise the brand experience that they create.

For example, when you visit a McDonalds, anywhere in the world, the experience that you receive will almost be the same regardless of the time of the day and the pace of visit. That is the level of standardisation of the products, services and experience at McDonalds.

Mystery shopping enables brands to identify the avenues of improvement in terms of customer experience, upselling, customer handling, conflict resolving and many other key details. It also identifies the staff behaviour and the level of skills of the staffs, so as to improve the same with proper training.

This exercise of mystery shopping is carried out in a non-threatening and friendly way. As the staff and even the brand manager doesn’t know who the mystery shoppers are, it is not possible for them to change the customer experience for them alone. So, an objective identification of the customer experience and the scope of improvement through process standardisation and staff training can be identified.


Why Mystery Shopping is Important for Your Brand?

All over the world, top brands perform mystery shopping at random location of their shops during random hours. This provides them with an actionable insight on various fronts. The carefully recorded data helps them in identifying staff behaviour that can be rewarded and also other behaviours that have to be punished.
While, the objective is not to punish the staff, it may include training sessions for the staff so as to improve the total brand experience.

Mystery shopping is important for your brand if you want to do the following.

Many people believe that mystery shopping is to find out the mistakes that a brand is making and to rectify them alone. However, mystery shopping also helps in identifying the right practices that are being carried out by your competition. As a result, you get valuable business intelligence over your competition.