Mystery Shopping for CompetitorvBenchmarking | HS Brands

Mystery Shopping for CompetitorvBenchmarking | HS Brands

We have already been familiarized with the concept of mystery shopping and its significance
for Brands and Mystery Shoppers.
If you haven’t read the previous article, please visit the following link(link to be inserted of the
previous blog) to get acquainted with the upcoming topic.
When we talk about Competitor benchmarking, we compare the products and services of
one’s own brand vis-à-vis competitors.

Why is Competitor Benchmarking Necessary? |Mystery
Shopping for Benchmarking

If you are a brand with a chain of stores, you probably will be operating in a very competitive
market. To stay ahead in the race of competency, we have to analyse the competitor’s
measures along with ours.
. Keeping in account how your store is performing and whether all the protocols and services
listed are rendered or not is necessary.
But using Mystery shopping for competitor benchmarking helps you identify their strengths
and weaknesses. Getting to the weak point of a competitor and making it your strength can
prove to be a boon if implemented properly.

How to achieve Competitor benchmarking?

HS Brands with its global reach and expertise for Brand refinement may help you achieve
your goals.
No matter where your store is located, all throughout Asia, we have locals to handle the
The mystery shoppers from HS Brands will visit your competitor’s shop and scan every nook
and cranny.
All the aspects of the business from customer service to product displays will be scrutinized
and audited. The final result will be carefully refined and presented at your disposal.
The type of products, the people employed and the services deployed, change according to
the regions. Knowing how to fathom these aspects within the diversity will be a major boom
to the store and consequently your brand.
Know what is lacking for you, weak areas of them and ultimately improve yours for the
better. Learn where you stand within the retail market and win the race of competency with
HS Brands.

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