We have verified the expectations of the world’s favorite brands since 1992. Customer experiences, brand image, compliance standards, and operational integrity – Your company’s success relies on these critical components.

HS Brands is the leader in deploying the global field resources necessary to assess and verify your expectations. Our brand protection, mystery shopping, compliance, and validation services provide the information required to exceed your company’s vision.

We've built our industry expertise on experience, knowledge, and best practices

At HS Brands, “best practices” aren’t just theory. They are systems, processes, and actions that deliver customer results.

HS Brands provides exceptional results through a staff of industry experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

Our experts research new trends, remain actively involved in the industry and provide the level of guidance required to assist our clients’ in their goals.

We’ve built a global field team with real global reach

HS Brands maintains a commitment to employing highly-trained professionals to serve our customer needs around the world.

Our in-house teams are located in offices around the globe. And with our network of contracted professionals, we can deliver at any scale, in any location, in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our global resources ensure our clients’ services are delivered by industry experts who are immersed in the cultures they work. Our clients enjoy the extensive resources of a global service company executed with the personalized touch of a local partner.

Our bottom-line mission is our customers’ trust and success

HS Brands’ mission is to be the world’s most recognized and respected brand protection company. For us, the mission isn’t a finish line but an ever-growing level of excellence that adapts to the industries, brands, and people we serve.

It’s a journey we share with our customers, vendors, and employees. It’s a promise we deliver on every day and in each interaction. It’s a goal built on great relationships whose progress we measure through consistent adherence to our core values.

"HS Brands have shown tenacity in understanding and resolving any challenges met and excelled in delivering and exceeding our expectations and so the relationship built has been one of strong mutual respect."
Mark Burton
Landmark Group

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