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This Industry is one of the most affected by the recession the world is living these days. Competition is fierce in today's economy and with such an expensive product, assuring a quality service reaches to every customer is more than important, it's crucial.

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Excellent customer service at your retail outlets ensures your customers keep coming back !! Hsbrands Global can help you check on the customer service provided at your stores at different touchpoints like Security, Shopping experience & billing.

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Brand quality assurance
is a must in hospitality.
Any valuable information related to the reservation process, hygiene compliance is something that
goes a long way in
customer acquisition.

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Online Shopping

With the increased number of customers shopping online,
e-commerce companies are at their peak success.
Vertical or horizontal marketplace, everybody is benefiting from this

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Food & Beverage

Important aspects for any dine-in restaurant, night clubs are - food quality - temperature, taste, presentation, services, cleanliness, staff engagement, order accuracy,
billing procedure etc.

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Health Care

For the healthcare services, we ensure that all the procedures that you have defined are followed by all your staff members. We help you improve appointment calls, customer service calls, pricing transparency, etc.

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Real Estate

India-wide, mystery shopping is used by the real estate industry to evaluate the sales process adherence & service quality of their staff. To understand and to evaluate the gaps in a customer journey.

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Finance Services

The Banks and Insurance companies have stringent guidelines and compliances to follow. Sometimes there are areas that your firm can miss. This is where we come into picture and can help you.

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