India’s most trusted Mystery Shopping company

We provide innovative strategies and Mystery Shopping in India to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. We protect favorite brands around the globe, providing Mystery Shopping services to many industries including, hospitality, food service, retail, automotive and many more.

Mystery Shopping India

We offer the best Mystery shopping service in India, our clients trust us with everything ranging from legal audits and authenticity checks to customer service assessments.

Customer Experience Management

We are aware that the majority of brands want to assess customer satisfaction and avert unfavorable consequences. This is where, we step in and offer our clients tried-and-true Customer Experience Management solutions that they can incorporate into their daily operations.

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmarking with competitors is essential to evaluating a company's performance as well as getting a comprehensive picture of the state of the industry and strategies that are working with the help of our world class Competitor Benchmarking services

Market Intelligence

Hsbrands Asia's market intelligence solutions recognize and comprehend growth prospects and lucrative markets for both current and potential customers. We develop a competitive strategy for Business to capitalize on these opportunities.


HS Brands Asia Mystery Shopping Approach

mystery shopping india

Identify the Objectives

Each business has unique challenges. We understand the expectations of the program from all stakeholders involved.

mystery shopping india

Design Customised Programs

Keeping in mind the expected outcomes, our team develops a tailor made program
mystery shopping india

Deliver Actionable Results

Data is quality checked & delivered in user friendly formats.
HsBrands Asia's mystery shopping india
Mystery Shopping India

HS Brands Asia - India’s most trusted Mystery Shopping Company

HS Brands Asia is the Mystery Shopping, Leading Brand Certainty, Loss Prevention, Customer Experience Management, Competitive Benchmarking, and Compliance Measurement Solution provider operating worldwide to Businesses from across industries to improve sales and skyrocket profits. 

We provide innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. We protect favorite brands around the globe, serving many industries including, hospitality, food service, retail, automotive, and many more.

We maintain a database of over 1 million mystery shoppers, mystery audit experts, and loss prevention professionals from around the globe. We provide world-class Mystery Shopping Services to some of the world’s most recognizable brands as clients. It makes HS Brands Asia one of the best Mystery Shopping companies in India.

Locations We Provide Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping India

Benefits Of Mystery Shopping

mystery shopper in a retail shop

Examine the Competitors

To learn how to play your cards, use a mystery shopper to purchase from a direct competitor. It is an excellent method of assessing your rivals. This enables you to observe what they accomplish regularly, what they fail to deliver, and what their clients find appealing.

Enhances Customers Retention

Mystery Shopping can identify problems that impact sales and customer retention and stop long-term or future troubles. You may use the practical information obtained from mystery shopping to enhance customer service, which will motivate more customers to pick your company over competitors.

Supports Advertising Campaigns

By using a mystery shopping program, you may determine precisely which employees are going above and above. Companies can gain valuable consumer insights about a range of crucial topics, such as the necessity of promotions, from the responses given.

Accurate Data collection

Using mystery shoppers is an excellent way to collect objective data. You can't always keep an eye on every part of the company. To fully comprehend your internal workings, you may occasionally require an external viewpoint from a expert Mystery Shopper

Increase sales

You will undoubtedly boost sales and enhance walk-in conversion rates as mystery shopping helps you improve your operations and enables your staff to serve customers in a way that they would find pleasant.

Improve and Maintain Brand Image

Secret Shopper can improve consumer loyalty and brand reputation by implementing the best mystery shopping practices. Businesses may show that they are committed to providing outstanding customer experiences by identifying areas for improvement and acting quickly to fix them. Increased client happiness and Customer loyalty could arise from this.

HsBrands Asia's Mystery Shopper doing mystery audit in a Clothing store
Mystery Shopper Jobs

Become a Mystery Shopper with HS Brands Asia

Are you ready to turn your passion for shopping into a thrilling adventure? Look no further! Join our elite community of mystery shoppers of HS Brands Asia and start a journey where every purchase becomes a mission, and every experience transforms into a paycheck.

Getting paid to shop! Enjoy the perks of being a mystery shopper as you earn cash rewards, gift cards, and exclusive discounts for every assignment completed. People around India have trusted HS Brands Asia To be the best mystery shopping companies to work for

Join Our Team Today to get the best mystery shopper jobs and Mystery Audit jobs in India.

A woman as a mystery shopper in a restaurant, tasting the vegetarian dishes.

Industries We Serve

automotive mystery shopping


This Industry is one of the most affected by the recession the world is living these days. Competition is fierce in today's economy and with such an expensive product, assuring a quality service reaches to every customer is more than important, it's crucial.

Retail Mystery Shopping


Excellent customer service at your retail outlets ensures your customers keep coming back !! Hsbrands Global can help you check on the customer service provided at your stores at different touchpoints like Security, Shopping experience & billing.

Customer Experience Management (CX) in India Hospitality Mystery Shopping


With HS Brands Asia Brand quality assurance is a must in hospitality. Any valuable information related to the reservation process, hygiene compliance is something that goes a long way in customer acquisition.

mystery shopper


With the increased number of customers shopping online, e-commerce companies are at their peak success. Vertical or horizontal marketplace, everybody is benefiting from this situation.

mystery audit


Important aspects for any dine-in restaurant, night clubs are - food quality - temperature, taste, presentation, services, cleanliness, staff engagement, order accuracy, billing procedure etc.

mystery shopping india


We ensure that all the procedures that you have defined are followed by all your staff members. We help you improve appointment calls, customer service calls & pricing transparency

Real Estate Mystery Shopping


India-wide, mystery shopping is used by the real estate industry to evaluate the sales process adherence & service quality of their staff. To understand and to evaluate the gaps in a customer journey.

mystery shopper


The Banks and Insurance companies have stringent guidelines and compliances to follow. Sometimes there are areas that your firm can miss. This is where we come into picture and can help you.

mystery shopping india


Your guests trusts you with their most prized ownership, their wellness. Learn what your guests and friends won't tell you, and begin to degree progress and accomplish best customer experience.

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