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India’s most trusted Mystery Shopping Company

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India’s most trusted Mystery Shopping Company

HS Brands is the Leading Brand Certainty, Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution provider operating worldwide. We provide innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. We protect favorite brands around the globe, serving many industries including, hospitality, food service, retail, automotive and many more. We maintain a database of over 1 million shoppers, auditors and loss prevention professionals from around the globe and count some of the world’s most recognizable brands as clients.


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What we do:


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Identify the Objectives

Each business has unique challenges.We understand the expectations of the program from all stakeholders involved.
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Design Customised Programs

Keeping in mind the expected outcomes, our team develops a tailor made program
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Deliver Actionable Results

Data is quality checked & delivered in user friendly formats.

HS Brands Asia

Why it helps:

Price checks in the automobile industry is an important aspect. By ensuring that your representatives are aware of the prices and the discounts that the brand offer, you can evaluate them not just on knowledge but also on their ethics.
Customer retention in the automobile industry goes a long way. Historically, a customer who has had a good experience in a particular dealership will either return for another purchase or will spread the word which will bring in more customers.
As the monetary involvement in this industry is higher than many others, the questionnaire is also tailored accordingly - detailed and data-centric.
The staff efficiency increases when such practices are done regularly and their performance evaluation gets more factual.
The specifics of the evaluation of all the locations that are problem statements, will not just help you resolve them but also ensure that you groom the team in a way that it is not repeated in the future. 
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