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Purchasing a car is a cherished dream for many. People invest extensive time and effort in research and analysis before taking the leap. As a potential buyer steps into a car dealership, a significant portion of the deal is done and dusted. However, the ultimate outcome depends on the customer experience provided by the dealership – an experience that can make or break the deal.

But here’s the twist: Is your car dealership truly flawless?

No need to worry. Because Hsbrands Asia’s Premier Automotive Mystery Shoppers are here to be your guiding light to get you to close every deal, And provide you with a comprehensive and unfiltered report detailing your firm’s customer experience.

HsBrands Asia's Automotive Mystery Shopping

What is Automotive Mystery Shopping

With Hsbrands Asia’s comprehensive Automotive mystery shopping get a clear picture of how customers perceive your customer service.

Our top-in-class Automotive Mystery Shoppers allow you to understand the sales and services team’s performance and behavior from the customer’s point of view and provide you with insights on ways to improve performance. Our most competitively priced Automotive Mystery shopping services provide you with the most customizable and department-specific analysis and inspection.

Using our extremely qualified Mystery Shoppers we will evaluate the entire customer journey in your car dealership. Automotive mystery shopping is designed to be extremely flexible and can be conducted through a phone call, Online shopping, Video calling, or a direct visit to the store (or) Dealership.

Subsequently, our mystery shoppers with their experience in your store will let you able to see how well your sales and services teams are performing and also let you identify the key areas that need more focus and improvement or additional training by letting you know if there are any knowledge or skill gap in your team. Eventually, you can provide the customers with the best buying journey at your dealership.

HsBrands Asia's Automotive Mystery Shopping

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Types of Businesses That Invest in Automotive Mystery Shopping

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Conducting automotive mystery shopping includes hiring mystery shoppers, equipping them with the guidelines, assessing scenarios and making them visit the dealership. They gauge factors like product knowledge, customer service and facility cleanliness to boost the dealership’s performance.

Mystery shoppers for the automotive assignments are selected based on their demographic resemblance with the potential customers. They receive training regarding assessment guidelines, reporting protocols and scenario enactment.  

Businesses can expect comprehensive feedback and data that may include customer service quality, compliance with brand standards, customer experience and employee performance. Such data highlights the strengths and weaknesses to boost operations and customer satisfaction.

After evaluating the mystery shopping results, automotive businesses may implement training programs, redefine customer service protocols and reward extraordinary performances. Regular assessment of automotive businesses helps in continuous improvement and attaining a competitive edge.

Automotive mystery shopping can be a one-time service or even an ongoing program. A single assessment offers prompt insights to evaluate specific improvements, while an ongoing program enables businesses to attain better customer service standards and continuous enhancements.

Car dealerships, vehicle manufacturers, and service centres can benefit from mystery shopping in the automotive industry. Such assessments gauge employee performance, customer interactions and other factors to attain business success

The frequency of automotive mystery shopping visits depends on the business goals and resources. Monthly and quarterly visits are most popular to identify trends, track performance and stain improvements. More frequent visits might be helpful in case of a promotional period.

After receiving the mystery shopping feedback, automotive businesses may analyze such data to create action plans, employ targeted training, track the progress and acknowledge exceptional performances. 


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This Industry is one of the most affected by the recession the world is living these days. Competition is fierce in today's economy and with such an expensive product, assuring a quality service reaches to every customer is more than important, it's crucial.

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Your guests trusts you with their most prized ownership, their wellness. Learn what your guests and friends won't tell you, and begin to degree progress and accomplish best customer experience.


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