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Covid Compliance Audit Services

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented business and regulatory disruption in a condensed period. It has created significant economic impacts on society, businesses, and individuals.

There are massive changes and regulations to be followed at each level and in every kind of business. In order to adapt to the “New Normal”, an audit and compliance specialist has to be set up to incorporate rapid and radical changes to overcome the oncoming risks and challenges.

This Where HS BRANDS ASIA helps you with our best in class Compliance Audit Services with our talented team of audit and compliance specialists.

Compliance Audit Services

Risk Assessment

The audit and compliance specialist team has to make decisions quickly and will need to be flexible in the way it deploys its team members and work together with the business. Deploying a frequent and dynamic risk assessment can greatly assist with the ability to respond. Clear and rapid pathways for communication and escalation are also critical as this becomes a new normal. In the Mystery Shopping sector, it is important to continue to cater to the client’s expectations to understand the progress of the sales of their products or services in the market.

Compliance Audit Services

Covid Protection - Covid Compliance

A careful Covid Compliance regulatory agenda has to be set to be followed by each and every employee in the organization. Due to the perennial Lockdown scenario in most countries, mystery shopping visits in person to various locations are still a high-risk factor. Hence, the norms of social distancing, wearing face masks, and hand sanitizing regularly have to be incorporated very strictly by the Covid Compliance audit services Team.

Compliance Audit Services

Social Communication

The other methods of mystery shopping like contacting the brands or the clients through emails, phone calls, online chats, etc., can be offered to the clients in order to avoid physical visits to the locations as much as possible. Since social media and communication is the in-thing now, these technologies can be used to the maximum extent. By adapting quickly and planning for the new and emerging risks and challenges, Compliance teams can help mitigate risk and support business strategy for organizations to successfully navigate this crisis.


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Why it helps:

Price checks in the automobile industry is an important aspect. By ensuring that your representatives are aware of the prices and the discounts that the brand offer, you can evaluate them not just on knowledge but also on their ethics.
Customer retention in the automobile industry goes a long way. Historically, a customer who has had a good experience in a particular dealership will either return for another purchase or will spread the word which will bring in more customers.
As the monetary involvement in this industry is higher than many others, the questionnaire is also tailored accordingly - detailed and data-centric.
The staff efficiency increases when such practices are done regularly and their performance evaluation gets more factual.
The specifics of the evaluation of all the locations that are problem statements, will not just help you resolve them but also ensure that you groom the team in a way that it is not repeated in the future. 
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Industries We Serve

automotive mystery shopping


This Industry is one of the most affected by the recession the world is living these days. Competition is fierce in today's economy and with such an expensive product, assuring a quality service reaches to every customer is more than important, it's crucial.

Retail Mystery Shopping


Excellent customer service at your retail outlets ensures your customers keep coming back !! Hsbrands Global can help you check on the customer service provided at your stores at different touchpoints like Security, Shopping experience & billing.

Customer Experience Management (CX) in India Hospitality Mystery Shopping


With HS Brands Asia Brand quality assurance is a must in hospitality. Any valuable information related to the reservation process, hygiene compliance is something that goes a long way in customer acquisition.

mystery shopper


With the increased number of customers shopping online, e-commerce companies are at their peak success. Vertical or horizontal marketplace, everybody is benefiting from this situation.

mystery audit


Important aspects for any dine-in restaurant, night clubs are - food quality - temperature, taste, presentation, services, cleanliness, staff engagement, order accuracy, billing procedure etc.

mystery shopping india


We ensure that all the procedures that you have defined are followed by all your staff members. We help you improve appointment calls, customer service calls & pricing transparency

Real Estate Mystery Shopping


India-wide, mystery shopping is used by the real estate industry to evaluate the sales process adherence & service quality of their staff. To understand and to evaluate the gaps in a customer journey.

mystery shopper


The Banks and Insurance companies have stringent guidelines and compliances to follow. Sometimes there are areas that your firm can miss. This is where we come into picture and can help you.

mystery shopping india


Your guests trusts you with their most prized ownership, their wellness. Learn what your guests and friends won't tell you, and begin to degree progress and accomplish best customer experience.

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