How to Use Market Intelligence for Your Small Business?

Marketing Intelligence

How To Use Mystery Shopping ​ In order to stay ahead of the curve, small-scale businesses must stay updated with industry trends. Nowadays, everything is data-driven and with the right framework, this data can be used to your advantage by proper analysis, structure, and assessment.  That’s where market intelligence comes into play. Market intelligence is […]

How to improve poor customer experience?

customer experience

The Forgotten Side of Mystery Shopping Every company that leverages the customer-centricity model to grow its brand must consider customer satisfaction to be of paramount importance. Poor service can negatively impact your brand’s identity, affect the customer retention rate, and push away potential buyers. It would also become an easy aid for your competitors to […]

How Mystery Shopping can benefit your company?

What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is an immensely popular assessment tool used to perform consumer research. It helps in understanding the business of a particular product or service. Earlier, mystery shopping was done to understand employee efficiency and integrity. But, in recent times, many companies are adopting it to understand their rival companies, gain […]

Customer Experience Management and Why is it important?

Mystery shopping

Have you ever walked into a store and been impressed with the prompt service from the staff when they assisted you to get the product of your choice? And you get everything billed without hassle? Or at times when you were treated rudely, your queries were neglected and the billing line made you wait for […]

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