small business forecasting

What is forecasting in business? A marketing plan’s core and the foundation of making strategic decisions – Market Forecasting! Market forecasting is a phase every business moves through. It’s how brands build products and services. In simpler terms, market forecasting is the study of market behavior, predicting potential changes in the industry, and taking action […]

What are the Best Tools for Conducting Market Research

Market research

Today, there are an immeasurable amount of market research tools, apps, and websites to get the best insights to grow your business. This blog is a compilation of a few such efficient tools that will up your marketing game. A thorough evaluation is an indispensable part of generating revenue for any business to thrive. Great […]

How Important is Customer Satisfaction to Business Today?

Customer satisfaction

What You Should Know About Customer Satisfaction “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” As said by Bill Gates, these words stand true for fundamentally any business whose revenue depends on customer response. Without customers, your business would cease to exist. As a marketer, you need to understand how to gain new […]

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