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What is MOP

How Do Market Operating Price (MOP) And Suggested Retail Price (SRP) Work In Businesses? Optimizing pricing strategies requires a thorough understanding of the market operating price (MOP) and suggested retail price (SRP). Without reliable market data and customer feedback, it can be difficult to determine these factors precisely. HS Brands’ Mystery Shopping service has emerged […]

What Is A Focus Group | Step-By-Step Guide & Examples

Hsbrandsasia's Focus group services

A focus group is a market research technique that entails gathering a small group of individuals to discuss their opinions and attitudes regarding a product, service, or concept. In most cases, an individual designated as the moderator will take the helm of the conversation, during which they will pose questions with open-ended responses and encourage […]

What Is Competitive Benchmarking And How To Do It?

Competitive benchmarking

What is Benchmarking in business Competitive benchmarking is the process of comparing a company’s performance with that of its competitors in the same industry and market. This type of analysis enables businesses to gain insight into their competitors’ best practices and to learn from their successes and failures. It also allows them to assess their […]

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