What Are The Myths and Misconceptions About “Mystery Shopping” and “Mystery Shoppers”?

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Top multinational companies have already been using Mystery Shopping for years to gain an intimate understanding of how their staff members are living up to their brand promises while dealing with clients. Consequently, these businesses that employ Mystery Shoppers beat the competitors in terms of excellent client service.

A significant percentage of people these days are familiar with the idea of mystery shopping. Most people know the basics of Mystery Shopping: entering a business establishment, acting like regular customers, and then giving feedback on the experience. 

But the main concern is: What specifically is Mystery Shopping? Do Mystery Shopping schemes have legal positions? 

Misconceptions about Mystery Shoppers answered by Hs Brands Asia.

HS BRANDS ASIA is the leading mystery shopping firm in India. We provide mystery shopping services, an effective tool for businesses to review and improve customer satisfaction and experience.

But only some people genuinely understand the workings of mystery shopping companies or what it’s like to be a secret shopper.  

As a result, there are numerous misconceptions about mystery shopping, many of which may discourage people from applying to work as secret shoppers. This is sad because there are several benefits to being a mystery shopper, and it is a job worth exploring. 

To eliminate doubts for anyone considering a career in mystery shopping, we have corrected some of the most common myths about the industry.  

Major misconceptions about “Mystery Shopping” and “Mystery Shoppers”

Mystery shopping is a scam

Not true. Mystery Shopping isn’t a scam; you should make sure the company you work for is respectable. There are many legitimate opportunities to make additional money through mystery shopping. 

Do your homework and avoid disclosing personal information when you receive an email, text, or other communication pretending to be a mystery shopping opportunity. A trustworthy company will usually be a Member of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association or MSPA. 

Every mystery shopping task needs to be completed in person

Incorrect. The best thing about mystery shopping is that it encompasses many situations, including in-person visits, social media interactions, internet inquiries, and phone calls. You have complete control over your assignments, so you can choose to complete those accomplished at home!

Mystery Shopping only applies to stores and restaurants

Untrue. Mystery shopping occurs everywhere there is a customer interaction. To test the invigilators’ awareness, our Mystery Shoppers reviewed betting shops, universities, hair salons, plumbers, and dentists, cheated on tests, parked illegally, shoplifted, and took timeshare vacations!


It’s simple to perform mystery shopping

Yes, it is. The assignment determines everything. Certain sorts of questions are simple (such as “What are your opening hours?”), while others are lengthy questionnaires that assess the full customer experience (such as financing a sofa purchase). 

Some of our projects include taking online examinations, utilizing special camera kits to secretly record your experiences, recording calls, or following predetermined schedules. You will generally have access to more assignments the more of your profile you finish and the more certifications (brief tests) you pass.

Mystery Shopping In India From Hs brands Asia

Being a mystery shopper does not lead to promotion 

Mystery shoppers typically work part-time or do it in their free time. However, there is an opportunity for progression in this industry. Several organizations provide grade systems, and your work and time will be properly recognized. You will be selected for more exciting jobs if you work hard and establish a good reputation. 

Mystery shopping is repetitive and dull

The assumption that mystery shopping requires just visiting high-street stores is an essential misconception. Nowadays, so many industrial sectors use mystery shopping services; the assignments could require visiting a restaurant, making a reservation for a class at a gym, or lodging at a vacation park. Being a secret shopper means that each day is unique.  

It’s all about monitoring people

Incorrect. We have no intention to do that. To promote a culture of excellent customer service, we want our mystery shoppers to help our clients document instances of exceptional customer service that would otherwise go undetected. 

Even though we’re not asking you to use a magnifying glass to examine things more closely, you are a secret shopper. Being “undercover” can be exciting for many customers, but you must act normally and assess what you observe. 

Certain tasks, such as our mystery employee scenarios, must secretly enter specific areas. Usually, these are carried out to assess corporate procedures and offer our clients new insights.

Not everyone can do mystery shopping

We take pride in the fact that anyone may participate in mystery shopping with us. Whether you’re a disabled person, a parent on leave, or a student at a university, It is possible to work as a secret shopper. 

Hs brands Asia Best Mystery Shopper

How to Work as a Mystery Shopper in Indian

Considering everything, it makes sense that few people know the nature of working as a mystery shopper, which adds to the numerous myths surrounding this sector of the economy. 

You shouldn’t let any of the myths above deter you from looking into mystery shopper jobs if you have encountered them. It would help if you assumed that working for a secret shopper company is a rewarding experience.

Check out the HSBrand Asia website if you’re considering working as a mystery shopper in India. We can assist you in becoming a successful mystery shopper and offer you all the necessary beginning materials as we are a trustworthy and popular mystery shopping organization worldwide. 

Please visit our website to learn more about our mystery shopping program. Before registering, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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