Customer Experience can be improved using Mystery Shopping?

Hs brands Asia mystery shopper working as a customer

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a fascinating method for evaluating the quality of Customer Experience in which people are hired to act like real consumers. After assessing the customer experience, the company gets feedback from these “Mystery Shoppers” and utilizes this data to know, how closely the consumers’ actual experiences match the business standards. 

This accurate Data from Mystery Shoppers from companies like Hs Brands Asia helps businesses to analyze where it is lacking and take appropriate action for improvements.

To accurately assess the situation, the Mystery Shopper must behave like a regular customer with absolute anonymity. The purpose of Mystery Shopping is also to verify whether the staff members follow protocol and that the company’s quality requirements are met.

Assessing Customer Experience Using Mystery Shopping

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of Mystery Shopping since it promotes business growth and retention. While dissatisfied consumers are more likely to submit bad internet reviews or even switch companies altogether, satisfied customers will likely tell their friends about their experience which can improve business. 

Businesses can monitor these trends and, if necessary, take corrective action with the assistance of Mystery Shopping.

Corporations can also use Mystery Shoppers as a tool for their marketing campaigns. When it comes to employing secret Shoppers, the majority of businesses seek out candidates with strong writing, communication, and attention to detail abilities. Furthermore, quick thinking is necessary because you can be given questions for which you are unprepared.

Hs Brands Asia has been the frontrunner in providing the best Mystery Shoppers throughout India.  

Hs brands Asia's Mystery Shopping in India , secret shopper working with the staff to improve customer experience
Hs brands Asia’s Mystery Shopping in India , secret shopper working with the staff to improve customer experience

How Mystery Shopping Can Help You To Improve Customer Experience?

Companies may improve the level of service they provide and ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience by using the feedback Mystery Shoppers provides.

When considering ways to improve the customer experience, Mystery Shopping or the covert gathering of customer information might be helpful tactics.

  • Start by collaborating with a Mystery Shopping company (MSP) such as Hs Brands Asia. Mystery Shopper programs can be overseen by a Mystery Shopping company from beginning to end. This entails designing a survey with questions specific to your company, identifying potential customers, checking completed surveys for accuracy, and examining reports to identify areas in need of development.
  • It’s essential to remember that an effective Mystery Shopping program shouldn’t stand static. Shop surveys cannot routinely earn high marks because nobody’s business is perfect all the time. Stores should hire a range of secret Shoppers to ensure diverse perspectives and regularly modify survey questions to pinpoint existing customer problem areas to avoid this from repeating. This helps companies to figure out ways to enhance the customer experience.
  • Mystery Shopping companies in India like Hs Brands Asia can assist the business in their ambitions to improve customer experience. All types of businesses, including retail, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, etc can benefit from a Mystery Shopping program.
  • Additional techniques for enhancing customer experiences are comment cards, surveys, social media, reputation management, email, and phone calls to customer support representatives. These instruments aid in giving a thorough picture of customers’ interactions with a business when combined with Mystery Shopping.


Why Hs Brands Asia is the Best Mystery Shopping Company in India?

With the help of Hs Brands Aisa’s Brand Certainty Model, you can examine the issue from a wider perspective, identify its root causes, and formulate wise options for your brand. This is accomplished through a procedure that we created using our team’s distinct consultative approach, reliable procedures, and years of experience.

HS Brands Asia offers Mystery Shopping services to a range of businesses, such as bars, restaurants, retail stores, etc. We look at interactions between staff members and customers, as well as any possible dishonesty or policy infractions.

Every Mystery shopping program is carried out by impartial evaluators to provide an objective, unbiased view that is consistent with the opinions of your customers.

To support important conclusions about branding and advertising, hygiene and safety, and exhibitions and presentations, we provide high-quality photos. We also provide video Shopping services so you can see what your Mystery stores look like.

We Use Sassie Software, a leader in data collection, to turn Shopping data into useful information. Tom Mills, one of our founders, designed Sassie Software and is still offering his creative solutions to customers. 

Sassie software’s extensive and configurable dashboard lets you keep important information in one location. Keep yourself updated so you never miss an opportunity to provide an outstanding service. Effective alerts are provided by Sassie by SMS, email, and other channels. It guarantees that people who require specific information will receive it right away.

customer experience management in India
customer experience management in India


Mystery Shopping is undoubtedly an effective method for understanding client demands and strengthening areas where a business is deficient. It also aids in evaluating the efficacy and ethics of the staff. The only issue with this approach is maintaining the honesty and reliability of Mystery Shoppers.

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