Type of Mystery Shopping and How Much It Cost

Types of Mystery Shopping and Mystery Shopping cost

Mystery Shopping is an essential tool to determine the quality of client experience, which owners of restaurants, hotels, retail stores, etc use. Even though the mystery shopping plan didn’t cost much, the results are fantastic. It is a true reflection of what your clients experience. It lets you see yourself from the perspective of a client.

Any company or organization can learn a lot from mystery shopping. It continually evaluates the client experience. To identify a gap between client expectations and actual experiences, companies that use this method.

The Type of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping can take place online, over the phone, or in person. The goal of the mystery shoppers in each of these situations is to obtain data regarding customer satisfaction and customer service.

In-Person Visits:

Mystery Shoppers doing In-store Mystery Shopping In India

The mystery shopper will physically visit a store or restaurant where they will make purchases and consume food. This is the most popular method since it allows for real-time tracking of client experience. It is more expensive than other forms because it requires making purchases, snapping pictures, posing queries, and more.

Telephonic approach: 

Mystery Shoppers doing Telephonic Mystery Shopping In India

The telephone technique is among the simplest and least expensive methods. It entails making a series of pre-arranged calls to customer service, call centers, or any other organization, with a list of questions in tow. Call center managers and trainees are tested on things like greeting techniques and problem-solving abilities.  

Web Approach:

Mystery Shoppers doing online Mystery Shopping In India

In this method, the usability, loading speed, ordering convenience, complaints, refunds, and other aspects of apps, websites, and e-commerce sites are evaluated.

Video Mystery Shopping:

Mystery Shoppers doing Video Mystery Shopping In India

Various businesses carry out video mystery shopping to view and better comprehend the video footage of actual consumer experiences. Video audits are occasionally carried out to examine odd behavior at a certain store. The video recording serves as a standard for further instruction.

The practice of in-person mystery shopping, also known as on-field mystery shopping, is well-known among retail companies. It involves a mystery shopper visiting a store and rating various aspects such as friendliness, helpfulness, promptness in addressing concerns, promotions, and more. It also frequently occurs in restaurants.

The practice of telephone mystery shopping is exclusive to call centers. When an employee needs directions, they frequently phone customer service or the shop itself. Under such circumstances, mystery shoppers assess the effectiveness and efficiency with which call center agents or staff respond to consumer calls. They also look for the agent’s helpfulness, tone, and level of customer satisfaction.

On the other side, hybrid mystery shopping entails having mystery shoppers complete a whole customer journey. Every facet of the customer experience from the time a customer arrives until they check out is assessed, examined, and ultimately reported on. Companies can examine their adherence to their customer experience management procedure in detail with all three categories.

The Goal of Mystery Shopping

The purpose of mystery shopping is to examine the business internally. It is employed to find out if the employees follow the rules and regulations. As a result, the outcomes of test purchases are kept confidential.

These are the following standards that test consumers typically look at:

  • Standard of service
  • Looks
  • Quality of sales
  • Quality of counsel
  • Truthfulness Accuracy

How much does mystery shopping cost?

best mystery shopper in india

The expense of Mystery Audit may surprise you. Because for several years, expenses have been reduced as a result of the Internet’s increased ability to increase organizational efficiencies.

The price of mystery shopping can differ significantly. Pricing is determined by the evaluation’s complexity, quantity of interactions, evaluators’ specifications and demographic criteria, assignment-related reimbursements, and detail and narrative requirements.

The cost of mystery shops is usually determined “per evaluation basis,” with simple service audits costing $35.00 and video-recorded interactions costing $300.00.

Once you’ve determined mystery shopping works sense for your company, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your investment yields genuine, actionable data and maximizes its return. 

The practice of Mystery Audit promotes accountability in the workplace. It makes it possible for individuals who provide excellent service to be acknowledged for their efforts and help others who need more assistance to get the support they need. 

The ability to provide trustworthy reports with impartial, unbiased, and dependable data typically results in strong support from the management teams at the local level.


By using Mystery Audit, your business can evaluate the quality of the services you provide along with any drawbacks or advantages. Knowing both can help you to take the right actions to correct problems and encourage positive outcomes. Customer loyalty and satisfaction both increase as a result.

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Mystery shopping for retail outlets often costs between $40 and $300. 

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