Mystery shopping vs Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction (CS) and Customer Experience (CX) go hand-in-hand for a successful business. They are like two eyes for a human and they are equally important for any company’s growth. Customer Satisfaction starts when the Customer Experience ends. Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction surveys are some of the tools used for obtaining accurate data on a company’s operations and its customers’ actual experiences.

In the Indian market, especially post-pandemic, we can see a dip in Customer Satisfaction for Indian products. Most Indian businesses rely on foreign brands to gain Customer Satisfaction. They are unable to get an appropriate Customer Experience from their business alone. Hence, we can see a big dependency on foreign brands to be successful in the Indian market.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience: How it is Measured & Implemented?

Customer Satisfaction can be measured by conducting surveys through various modes like email, social media, post purchase screen, phone calls, or in-app surveys. These surveys mostly denote the exact perceptions of the customers from the products; or organizations’ point of view. The surveys are to be kept brief and to the point so that customers don’t need to invest too much time to provide their feedback. Usually, we see that the negative aspects of the feelings or experiences are pointed out by customers in such Customer Satisfaction surveys. Hence, we cannot rely fully on these surveys. So, we also need the help of Mystery Shopping programs to arrive at consolidated data.

How does Mystery Shopping help in Improving CS and CX?

Mystery Shopping, as we know, is a program implemented to get the actual employee behavior and business standards in specific measurable areas. These programs not only give customers’ perceptions but also provide an overview of the actual day-to-day functioning of the businesses. By adapting these programs in various stores at different locations, an organization can get a complete picture of their business from all aspects which can be used for strategizing their future marketing plans.

Mystery Shopping programs can be immediately implemented for training the employees, making changes in day-to-day operations, and even getting good knowledge about their competitors in the market. To be concise, Customer Satisfaction is required to a certain extent to understand the feelings and expectations of customers which Mystery Shopping programs cannot fully provide.

Similarly, Mystery Shopping programs can provide realistic data to show what exactly the company is doing from the operations and customers’ side. This data can be used to further improve the areas which need betterment based on the Customer Satisfaction surveys. So, both Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction goes hand in hand to provide an accurate Customer Experience.


What is the main purpose to implement Mystery shopping services? This has to be determined by the brand first before chalking out any plan. For this, understanding the market is important. The brand’s current position in the market, its goals, and its competitors in the market. Once these aspects are determined, a clear goal-oriented Mystery shopping program can be sketched as per the brand’s requirements.

Mystery Shopping and CSat should complement each other for the successful running of a business.

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