Relevance Of Mystery Shopping | Post COVID Situation

If you are a brand with a chain of stores all around the world, how would you keep in check if your actual protocols are being complied with?
Taking the word for it might prove to be a huge wager. Inspection by yours truly isn’t efficient. Then what can be done?
We all know that customer service/customer experience is a make or break deal like the product itself.
For maintaining a proper regulation and saving your brand’s reputation is where mystery shopping comes into play.

What is mystery shopping?

A bunch of individuals belonging to an organization like HS Brands are imposed with the responsibility to go, testify, check, and realise what all protocols of the client – brand are
being followed. The list of protocols, perks and services are rendered by the client – brand to the company and accordingly inspection is made.
‘Mystery’ because the shops won’t be knowing that they are being audited.
The individuals will portray themselves as normal customers and will inspect every nook and cranny for flaws if any.
The inspection list and outcomes are then shared with the clients for optimum measures to be taken.

Relevance Of Mystery Shopping | Post COVID Situation

The impact of lockdown has hit widely the commercial sectors which includes shopping brands too. People crave to go out but at the same time enjoy the convenience rendered.
Online shopping has seen a boost during the lockdown.

However, once the lockdown is lifted, people would want to go explore the real-time shopping experiences. This is so because the digitisation of everything can render convenience, but overdoing that results in boredom.

Mystery shopping post covid

For the Brands

Saving the reputation and inspecting the quality of services is necessary without any doubt. But what precedes them is the attraction of customers towards your store. People are automatically lured towards shopping at stores if the quality of services is premium and their demands are being met. Maybe cashless payment or seating arrangements or even the number of staff per client, every little intricacy play an important role in luring the customers towards the store.

From your end, these things are being taken care of. But do the stores take care of these demands? Are they standing out like you want them to be? These things are out of reach and not in your purview unless you seek ‘mystery shopping’ as the solution.

The customers should have a reason to step out of home and be enticed towards your stores!


  • 1.Evaluate the quality of staff
  • 2. Increase your sales
  • 3.Build your reputation
  • 4.Have a competitive advantage

For the Mystery Shoppers

The pandemic has resulted in the degradation of the economy and loss of jobs. Post-COVID, the situations aren’t going to be better soon. A lot of competition in every market will be

Knowing the concept of ‘mystery shopping’ and contributing to it may help you earn some money. Basic knowledge of behavioural protocols is all that you need.

Visiting stores will also be a mood freshener after the long confinement.

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HS Brand Asia

HS Brands Global is a leader in the mystery shopping industry and is associated with the world’s favourite brands across retail, automotive, hospitality, entertainment.

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Sanjeev Shenoy

Managing Director, HS Brands Asia

Sanjeev Shenoy has 15+ years’ experience in mystery shopping and customer experience and has helped several global brands design and manage programs across Asia. As a post-graduate in Management, he has worked in Marketing & Operations across retail and food and beverage. As a believer in the beginners’ mindset, Sanjeev seeks to bring in innovation in the mystery shopping industry through technology and best practices from other industries.

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