The Scope of Mystery Shopping in India

Mystery Shopping India

Mystery shopping has become an exciting and informative way for companies to assess the quality of their offerings in recent years. Companies can make profits from comprehensive insight into their consumers’ experiences and interests through this special kind of consumer research technique, which helps them to make wise decisions and raise customer happiness. 

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a dynamic and flexible work opportunity for individuals as it is a versatile sort of consumer research that incorporates both online and offline features. To grasp the scope and potential of mystery shopping, let’s take a closer look at its features both online and offline.

The main objective of online mystery shopping is to assess the virtual customer experience. 

Website navigation, online transactions, and communication with customer care agents via chat, email, and social media are all possible for mystery shoppers. This kind of mystery shopping is particularly common in internet service providers, telecom companies, and e-commerce companies.

Customer happiness is the main objective of secret shopping since it promotes business growth and retention. While dissatisfied consumers are more likely to submit bad internet reviews or even switch companies altogether, satisfied customers will likely tell their friends about their experience. Businesses can monitor these trends and, if necessary, take corrective action with the assistance of mystery shopping.

Although they are typically engaged by other organizations, corporations can also use secret shoppers as a tool for their marketing campaigns. When it comes to employing secret shoppers, the majority of businesses seek out candidates with strong writing, communication, and attention to detail abilities.

 Furthermore, quick thinking is necessary because you can be given questions for which you need more preparation. Both offline and online mystery shopping have advantages, many businesses these days favor a hybrid strategy that incorporates aspects of both. In hybrid mystery shopping, investigators follow a client’s path from beginning to end, regardless of whether it concludes offline or online. 

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The Scope of Mystery Shopping in India

Mystery shopping has been practiced for the last five years in India. However, throughout the past three years, it has gained popularity. Numerous industries have adopted mystery shopping in India, including the automotive, film, e-commerce, restaurant, jewelry, supermarket, and finance sectors. Many payment options are as well as available, some of them are:-

  • Only the Buyer’s Fee, no more compensation: You have a set amount of time to visit the designated place. You will conduct the audit using a variety of techniques, such as taking pictures, capturing audio, and writing down the salesperson’s name. The customer will receive payment in this category for visiting the store. You are not obligated to buy anything, and if you do, it will come out of your wallet.

  • Just reimbursement: Purchases costing between Rs. 200 to  Rs. 3000 or more are included in this section. Payment for your expenses must be made with an actual bill, and it will come from your pre-agreed reimbursement, which is less.

  • Both the customer fee and the reimbursement: In certain cases, customers receive pre-arranged payment for both the customer fee and the reimbursement.

Mystery Shopper Salary

Mystery shopping jobs can be a rewarding career for those looking for flexible work options. Even though it may not be a full-time job substitution, it is possible to earn extra money while strengthening your reporting and observing skills. Earnings might be affected by the number of assignments and the difficulty of the task.

A mystery shopper in India might earn money in a variety of ways. Although some tasks award both money and gifts, others may have a defined price or compensate you for certain purchases. 

When a mystery shopper visits a restaurant, for example, they can be compensated for both the meal and the evaluation. It is crucial to remember that mystery shopping is a part-time job, not a profession. Even though some seasoned and dedicated mystery shoppers can make a comfortable living each month, more is required as a primary source of income.

According to industry estimates, mystery shopping generates $150 million (about 835 crores) in India each year. Every year, annual growth is predicted to range between 30 and 40%. While working as a mystery shopper can be exciting and gratifying, balancing work and personal obligations is critical. A mystery shopper’s average monthly salary is 40,000. Mystery shoppers can frequently earn an additional 30,000, with payouts ranging from 24,000 to 36,000 in India. 

Overcommitting to work may result in burnout or lower-quality assessments. It is critical to be realistic about future earnings and to set reasonable expectations. If you like giving feedback, connecting with businesses, and earning money, mystery shopping can be a rewarding experience.

Scope of mystery Shopping

Why Choose HsBrands Asia?

The world’s top supplier of loss prevention, compliance measurement, mystery shopping, and brand certainty is HS Brands Asia.

They offer creative approaches to guarantee thorough resolutions for a range of company difficulties. They serve a wide range of industries, including retail, food service, hotel, automotive, and many more, and they safeguard well-known trademarks all over the world.

HsBrands Asia has over a million shoppers, auditors, and loss prevention specialists in their database from all over the world, and among their clients are some of the most well-known companies in the world.

The process of mystery shopping: The Mystery Shopping India Programme pinpoints the aspects of your business stream that are “working” as well as those that are not. Various topics are covered in each program, such as benchmarking with competitors, upselling, and identifying opportunities for improvement. 

Hsbrands Asia is implementing this program in several market areas, such as luxury services, fine dining, automobiles, retail, and so on. 


In India, mystery shopping has a lot of potential because it gives people the chance to improve consumer experiences while also generating extra cash. Mystery shoppers are an essential source of insightful feedback for companies looking to improve customer satisfaction.

With the help of reliable platforms, mystery shoppers may find valid assignments and navigate the mystery shopping industry with assurance and safety. Mystery shopping may be the perfect career path for you if you have a keen interest in detail and are passionate about improving customer experiences. HsBrand Asia one of the top mystery shopping companies can assist you in realising your potential.

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