How do retailers prepare for Black Friday with the help of mystery shopping?

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Black Friday is the most important test of a store’s survival skills in retail. It’s a day when retailers release their inner chess masters, carefully arranging discounted products like queens on a chess board. The Mystery Shopping Programme helps identify ‘what is working’ and ‘what is not working’ in the business.

Each program focuses on various problems, such as upselling, identifying areas for improvement, and benchmarking against competitors. HSbrands Asia also conducts this program in a variety of market industries such as retail, automobiles, restaurants, premium services, and so on.

“Black Friday” falls the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday in November. Retailers benefit from Black Friday in a variety of ways, including increased revenue, inventory clearance, customer acquisition, competitive advantage, brand awareness, and so on.

The advantages of mystery shopping in assisting retailers in their Black Friday preparations stems from its ability to ensure that people are giving excellent customer service and that processes are as per customer expectations.

mystery shopping india

Understanding Black Friday Challenges

When preparing your store or business for Black Friday discounts, remember that while the weekend was a success for merchants, it reflected supply chain challenges and the dominance of early deals in October, which drove buyers to spread out their purchases.

According to corporate data, the busiest hour for in-store shopping on Friday was from 1 PM to 3 PM. Several stores remained closed on Thanksgiving Day after closing for the day, reversing a years-long practice of being open on the holiday.

According to data analysis, clients who shop online commonly use their mobile phones to make their purchases, and this trend is expected to continue. This marks a 15% increase over the previous year’s figure of 34.5%.

The provision of free shipping is an important feature that purchasers consider when purchasing from a firm. According to a survey, the majority of internet clients prefer to pay with credit cards. Customers are continuously inundated with promos and incentives, heightening business competition.

Rise of Mystery Shopping

Nowadays, social media has a large influence on sites like Google, mystery shopping is more vital than ever, and it has now been adopted globally.

HSBrands Asia has been the industry leader in mystery shopping with its trained team of mystery shoppers in Asia. For over ten years, the firm has successfully provided mystery shopping services to businesses. It has produced insightful information that has only increased client satisfaction throughout that period.

As we can see, mystery shopping may boost client happiness and help your business grow.  Here are a few examples of how Hsbrands Asia excels at performing a faultless surprise shopping inspection that will leave customers and business owners ecstatic.

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Preparing for the Black Friday Event

Companies began their planning for the Black Friday Event by reviewing their store readiness. They ensure that the store is clean, organized, and up to date. They concentrated on organizing and cleaning by ensuring that the products were correctly sorted and displayed so customers could readily access them and the stores appeared great.

Focus on Employee Numbers and Training for the event by Increasing workforce number and expected volume of business. workers also receive further training for managing large amounts and providing good customer service.

Companies also enhance Inventory management, they make sure that there’s a sufficient amount of products that are in demand and establish systems for monitoring stock to avoid any product shortages.

Evaluation of customer service: Examine, evaluate, and improve customer service techniques and make sure that employees have the training they need to deal with client issues and queries.

Mystery Shopper Interaction: Analyse customer satisfaction and employee effectiveness with mystery shoppers. To improve the standard of your goods and services, consider feedback from clients.

Performance and Speed of Service: Simplify the process of checking out to increase efficiency.

Customer satisfaction metrics: Utilise survey or feedback instruments to determine customer satisfaction stages, and analyze feedback and critiques to pinpoint areas that require more attention.

Evaluation of Cost and Marketing: Reviewing the strategies used by rivals for Black Friday and assessing past outcomes of the choice taken is always important if one hopes to secure the best deals and maximize the impact of the sales.

One should also verify that the costs of your products are accurate and within the price bracket.

Promotional Execution: Make sure that materials are placed in a prominent area and

verify that staff members are competent in implementing promotions and have the necessary knowledge about them.

Pricing Benchmarking of Rivals: Examine and assess pricing strategies to be applied against competitors. Adjust your prices to remain competitive in the market.

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Implementing mystery shopping findings

After examining the results of mystery shopping, actionable insights show our operation’s advantages and disadvantages. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction by filling in any gaps in customer service. Feedback-driven changes to marketing tactics allow the companies to rebuild promotions for maximum impact. In particular, the company concentrates on improving advertising for Black Friday in order to optimize efficiency and take advantage of chances.

Monitoring and feedback loops

Hsbrand Asia trying to make continuous improvements in their strategy and their products by doing continuous mystery shopping checks and feedback integration into the business process.

Post-Black Friday evaluation plays an important role in making profits for the company by analyzing performance metrics and strategies. They also try to understand the behavior of customers during the events, and after that, they start making plans for future events.

Success stories

“Global Credit card testing”: HS Brands Asia volunteered as a reliable partner to carry out this challenging project across 150 nations when a multinational credit card firm was prepared to launch its new credit card in international marketplaces. The project required testing new cards in a wide range of worldwide markets, including hotels, airports, convenience stores, and retail establishments.

Real-life experience of Black Friday preparation: Black Friday is one of the most important days for businesses because it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Over 154.5 million individuals in the United States bought online and in stores on Black Friday last year, spending over $8.9 billion.

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Why Choose Hsbrands Asia’s Mystery Shopping In India

Mystery Shopping plays an important role in the prep for the Black Friday sale and emphasizes the value of ongoing evaluation and success. HS Brand Asia always looks forward to making continuous changes and improvements in their strategies.

HS Brands Asia is one of the world’s leading providers of Brand Certainty, Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention, and Compliance Measurement Solutions. It offers unique techniques to ensure complete answers to a variety of business difficulties.

They defend popular brands all around the world, serving industries such as hospitality, food service, retail, automotive, and many more. HS Brand has a database of over 1 million consumers, auditors, and loss prevention professionals from all around the world, and some of the world’s most recognizable companies are their clients.

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